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CALPEX PLUS – Savings to be made with heat-loss reductions of up to 22%


CALPEX PLUS allows you to increase your energy efficiency levels by up to 22% per year over a period of 30 years. The use of additional insulation in district heating pipe systems makes a significant contribution to the increase in both renewable energies and energy efficiency – both of which play a key role in fulfilling the core objectives of the Europe 2020 strategy



An example calculation using a small composite heating system shows how impressive the added value really is:

Total energy requirements:90 kW /Δ20°C
Operating hours:3''''000 h
Total pipe length:700 Meter
Savings made with CALPEX PLUS: 2.9 MWh


CALPEX already stands out from the crowd thanks to its outstanding insulation capacity with the lowest levels of thermal conductivity. But now Brugg PIPESYSTEMS has expanded the CALPEX range to include added insulation capacity for all pipe dimensions on the market. By increasing the insulation strength and thereby improving levels of efficiency, massive savings can be made on energy costs over a service life of at least 30 years.

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