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Filling station pipe systems

This specially developed pipe system is a ’must’ for every modern filling station.
Its strengths:
  • flexible and monitorable
  • diffusion-proof and corrosion-resistant
  • installation is fast and efficient

Structure of the pipe

This flexible composite pipe has a corrugated inner pipe made of special steel, material no. 1.4404 (equivalent to US standard AISI TP316L). This is wrapped in a helically wound PE casing pipe whose ridges interlock with the corrugation of the inner pipe. The geometry of the helically corrugated inner pipe produces a endless production all-round channel which prevents unwanted escapes of medium in case of damage, so contamination is avoided. This monitoring area can also be used for pressure testing or leakage monitoring. SECON-X is manufactured from corrosion-resistant material so it does not require additional cathodic corrosion protection.


SECON-X pipes are produced as standard in single lengths from 500m to over 1000m. Project-specific lengths are delivered on drums or in rings. They can be drawn directly into the pipe trenches for laying. They can also be cut to length on site and installed with tight bending radii where necessary. This makes installation quick and easy.

Application areas

SECON-X is especially suitable for transport pipes in pressurized or suction mode, filling pipes, and ventilation, gas feedback and gas displacement pipes.

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Fuel pipe 
Kuwait (UAE): A pipe was required to transport fuel at a filling station.
Secon-X Kuwait
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