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Rigid pipe systems



Rigid insulated pipe system with PE carrier pipe
Operating temperature: -20° C to + 40° C*
Operating pressure: PN 16
Dimensions: ø 125 - 315 mm
Medium pipe: PE 100
Thermal insulation: Polyurethane (PUR)
Applications: Main and branch lines for district and local heating networks and the insulated transport of waste water
*For warm water use, a reduced operational life and pressure rating applies (according to DIN 8074)
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Rigid, heat-insulated and monitorable pipe system with PE casing
Operating temperature: up to 160 °C
Operating pressure: PN 25
Dimensions: DN 20-1000
Medium pipe: steel, heat insulation: PUR
Application area:
main pipes and distributor pipes in district and local heating networks, and heat-insulated overground or underground transport of fluids is possible.
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Premant folded spiral seam pipe

PREMANT folded spiral seam pipe

Rigid, heat-insulated pipe system, folded spiral-seam sheet metal casing, hardly flammable.
Operating temperature: up to 160°C
Operating pressure: PN 25
Dimensions: DN 20-1000
Medium pipe: variable, heat insulation: PUR
Application area:
heat-insulated transport of fluids - outdoor pipes or in buildings.
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Special fittings

Special fittings

Various fittings can be delivered from stock and special parts are available to meet customers’ requests.
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Steel casing pipe system®

Steel casing pipe system

Rigid, double-walled high temperature pipe system.
Operating temperature: up to 400°C
Operating pressure: up to 64 bar
Dimensions: DN 20-1000
Medium pipe: steel
Area of application: cooling pipes, hot water and steam pipes in district and process heating plants, warm-running industrial pipes. STAMANT - safety pipe to transport temperature-controlled environmentally hazardous media.
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Rigid, double-walled approved safety pipe system with endless production leakage monitoring
Operating temperature: -50°C - 300°C (more on demand
Operating pressure: up to PN 200
Dimensions: DN 15 - 800 (with approval)
Medium pipe: steel/special steel
Area of application: transport of environmentally hazardous, combustible, toxic fluids and gases. To complement the FLEXWELL safety pipe.
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