The CALPEX PUR-KING energy-saving champion with outstanding insulating performance CALPEX PUR-KING with outstanding insulating performance
CALPEX PUR-KING with outstanding insulating performance
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The CALPEX PUR-KING is the energy-saving champion

Why opt for a CALPEX PUR-KING pipe system?

  • Efficient

    Over the past decade, Brugg Pipesystems has been able to decrease the lambda value for the CALPEX pipe systems further and further through intensive research and development work.

    With the newly developed CALPEX PUR-KING process technology, we have now succeeded in reducing the thermoconductivity of CALPEX pipes to the world’s lowest lambda value of 0.0199 W/m*K.

    With this record-breaking figure, we have been able to beat the what were previously thought to be the lowest physical thermoconductivity values for polyurethane by a significant amount. CALPEX PUR-KING is therefore becoming the trigger for another major increase in the energy efficiency of pre-insulated pipe systems for the heating and cooling market.

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  • Reliable

    To give you peace of mind. Prepare for tomorrow today. The very best quality delivered. Reliable, long-lasting product solutions.

  • Fast

    So that you can keep to ambitious schedules without any stress. Product solutions delivered quickly for customers. Less laying work thanks to long delivery lengths and our sophisticated installation system. Patented clip cover and simple, reliable connections that do not require tools.

  • Expert

    Advice, experience and innovation included. Innovation, long-standing experience and needs-based, individual advice.