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We rely on radial press-fitting technology

If it isn’t perfect, it isn’t good enough. Brugg Rohrsystem AG is using a new screw connection system for its CALPEX low-temperature system to ensure additional safety in the building.

The operating safety and dependability of heat transfer systems depends to a great extent on the quality and reliability of the connections. Brugg Rohrsystem AG pays a tremendous amount of attention to the connection technology and is always busy improving the systems in this area also.

Great potential for optimising the connections

The connection system market offers the safest and simplest solutions for the fittings used in above-ground applications of the building infeed of the CALPEX district heating pipes. The components, which are undergoing constant evolution, can absorb the mechanically or thermally originating pull-out forces to the greatest extent, i.e. up to the yield strength of the medium pipes.

No retightening after installation

The new screw fittings absorb pull-out forces easily, increasing safety considerably. An additional advantage is that the fittings do not have to be retightened after the district heating system is commissioned, because the press-fitting clip compresses the medium pipe reliably with a positive fit. The connection is secure and the mechanical and thermal plastic deformation of the plastic pipe is entirely compensated for.

Full product line for all CALPEX pipes

In addition to the fast installation without special tools or redundant work steps, other outstanding features of the new screw fittings are the omission of sealing rings, the highly resistant materials and the reasonable prices. They are available for all diameters of the CALPEX district heating pipe system.

A new supplier for safe and reliable fitting solutions

Brugg Rohrsystem AG has entered into a new supply partnership with a technology company specialising in producing high-quality pipe connection systems. This gives Brugg the ability to install the CALPEX system quickly and easily without special tools and allows Brugg to offer a large selection of fittings. These fittings have been tested in accordance with the valid EN 15875 standard and are entirely compliant with standards required by Brugg Rohrsystem AG with regard to function, reliability and service life.

The advantages:

• Dimensions up to Ø 160 mm

• Pipe classes SDR 11 / SDR 7.4

• Incredibly simple installation

• No special tools

• Checked in accordance with EN 15875

• Highly resistant materials

• No sealing rings

Do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or want to request a quote.