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Two in one for maximum efficiency and now even bigger CALPEX 75+75/202

With the new CALPEX 75+75/202 size, Brugg Rohrsystem AG is extending its range with a DUO pipe with a high throughput capacity.


With central benefits such as a high degree of flexibility, narrow bend radiuses, long delivery values, the CALPEX system has an excellent reputation among planners, installers and civil engineering companies in the area of local and long-distance heating. Since CALPEX was launched around 18 years ago, more than 20,000 kilometres of CALPEX pipes have been laid around the world.


CALPEX DUO 75+75/202:

Starting from this success story, Brugg Rohrsystem AG is bringing a new CALPEX size onto the market: CALPEX 75+75/202 is the new flexible pipe system that, with a throughput of 13,500 kg/h (200 Pa/m), can cover a performance requirement of 470 kW (ΔT 30°C) and thus meet the needs of small heat networks. The description 75+75/202 refers to the diameter of the medium pipe, respectively the diameter including outer sheath. This size and the entire CALPEX range is produced by Brugg Rohrsystem AG in Switzerland.


Lots of flexibility and simple laying technology

The new product from Brugg Rohrsystem AG is manufactured on reels of up to 300 metres or in rings with a length of up to 80 metres. The compact winders on the rings measure 2.8 x 1.2 metres and can be easily transported to the construction site. Long delivery lengths mean additional safety for the overall system, as fewer connections are needed when laying over longer distances. The quality, safety and ease of assembly to which one is accustomed when using CALPEX.

Reliable connection technology

The connections are available in two versions: press fittings or screw fittings, both as weld-on ends for simple linking and connecting to continuing pipe systems. There is a preference for using the press-fit connections in the ground. Once it has been assembled the press-fit connection can no longer be released and remains absolutely watertight even under high thermal and hydraulic conditions. Junctions are created with pre-made T-pieces.

A pipe system with a future

Local heating systems are becoming increasingly important in connection with intelligent, clean and energy efficient heat supply concepts. The new CALPEX 75+75/202 size as a main line, in combination with the appropriate CALPEX pipe systems for the networking, forms a solid basis for permanent and future-proof solutions in the area of heat transport.
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