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NIROFLEX is a flexible corrugated pipe system made of stainless steel. The pipe is produced in large lengths in our factory. The key design element is that the pipe is helically corrugated.
The essential benefits of BRUGG’s helically corrugated pipe technology are optimized geometry to minimize flow resistance, good flushing and efficient heat transfer - with excellent flexibility and transverse rigidity at the same time.

Benefits of the system

  • installation is fast and efficient
  • no welded connections and no fittings
  • excellent flexibility and self-compensation
  • unique helical corrugation gives favorable flow characteristics
  • small radii of bending
Expansion is absorbed thanks to the geometry of the corrugated pipe. This means that NIROFLEX is straightforward to install and costs are kept low - even with difficult pipe routing.

For underground installation, the trench work is kept to a minimum and the pipe can be drawn in as one section.

With overground installation, pipe routing can be optimized by making use of the correct fixtures and the small bending radii.

The pipe system

NIROFLEX with corrugated stainless steel inner pipe - for excellent corrosion resistance.
Standard materials: 1.4404, 1.4571 and 1.4539 (project-specific)
Nominal diameters: DN 20 to DN 150
Pressure stages: PN 10 to PN 16

Range of applications

Heat exchangers, transport of gases, water and chemicals, or as a protective or inner pipe.
Helically corrugated thin-walled pipes offer highly efficient heat transfer, so NIROFLEX is used as a heat exchanger pipe system in tanks and other containers.
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NIROFLEX used as protective pipe 
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