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Maximum heat exchange with no lime deposits

This helically corrugated pipe creates turbulence which continuously swirls and exchanges the water. Resulting from the design, the core flow has a superimposed swirling component which creates additional turbulence. This produces maximum heat exchange as well as eliminating lime deposits.

Increased output

With the corrugated pipe, a smaller storage tank can be installed with the same thermal output, or the tank size can be the same but the thermal output is increased. When a corrugated pipe is used, efficiency is up to 50% higher than for a conventional pipe.

Benefits at a glance

  • surface is up to 50% larger
  • heat exchange is maximized thanks to optimized wall thickness
  • extremely flexible
  • lime deposits are prevented by the turbulent water flow
  • quality assurance with helium testing
  • manufacture in "endless lengths"
  • can withstand large mechanical loads
  • more compact design with hot water tanks
  • improved hygiene as there is no 'dead water' zone
  • special items can be produced (e.g. special steel varieties, wall thicknesses, etc)
  • delivery: drums, rings or registers

Areas of application

Heat/cold exchangers for hot water tanks, geothermal applications, waste water heat
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