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Simple and effective

BIOFLEX has an enlarged surface to ensure direct heat transfer - with a gain of up to 50% over smooth-walled pipes. The pipe in the fermenter is laid in one section, and the connector technology eliminates the need for welding work or special tools of any kind. The pipe can be installed without any connection points. It can easily be adapted to the geometry of the fermenter and is equally suitable for concrete and steel containers. An installation kit with all the required fixtures and bolts, etc. is supplied with the product if necessary.

Technical Documents


Connection outside the fermenter

In this variant, in order to set up the connection with the corrugated pipe using the flameless GRAPA graphite connector system outside the fermenter, the corrugated pipe is bent through a small bending radius and led through a pipe sleeve which passes through the fermenter wall. This does away with the need for a joint in the fermenter.
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Connection inside the fermenter

With the connection inside the tank the corrugated pipe is connected to a rigid pipe by means of the flameless GRAPA graphite connector system. This is then led out of the fermenter through the fermenter wall.
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Pipework outside the fermenter

Depending on size and requirements, our flexible pre-insulated CASAFLEX and CALPEX, pipes can be used, and our rigid PREMANT pipe system is also suitable for larger pipes.

Experience and know-how

It may be claimed that this ’Biogas Pipe Package’ is one of the most advanced solutions available. With more than 500 applications operating in Germany and Switzerland, this package has been tested in practice more than virtually any other product on the biogas plant market.
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