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Cooling pipework




Portugal, Guimarães

The project:

A new underground pipe network for heating and cooling in the historic old town of Guimarães.

The pipes run from a new energy centre along the old town walls – which are more that 1,000 years old – to the historic town hall. Heat is supplied by 2 gas boilers each of 390 kW and with design temperatures of 80°/60°. Two chillers each of 430kW were used with design temperatures of 7°/12°.

The installation has been in use since the beginning of 2011; the town hall is heated in winter and cooled in summer.

The challenge:

No-one knew what lay hidden in the ground, so flexible pipes were the ideal choice to avoid any problems or delays in getting around various obstacles in the envisaged route. Ancient and sunken archeological structures - including foundations for columns - were indeed discovered when the trench was excavated.
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